Training Management Information System

Training and Learning Management Systems TMIS is a Training and Learning Management Systems that integrates the main features of a Learning Management System (LMS) for the delivery of courses, registration of students, tracking activities and the capabilities to schedule training activities based on the syllabus, personnel and resource availability, instructor qualifications, preferences, and other applicable scheduling rules and constraints.



TMIS is provided with a more intuitive and user friendly interface and intends to automate and manage the Capacity Building Programs in order to provide an efficient flow of training information and nominating trainees with web  enabled tools.

The objectives of the TMIS software are:

a) To improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of training management function for planning and coordinating various task force capacity building programs.

b) To provide an interface to the Training Facility Managers/Operators to plan/run/operate training assets to get the maximum efficiency from the Training Process.
c) To enable a fast communication and Management Information System for the concerned Training departments and institutions.
d) To build and track the human resource development in the Training Organisations as an output of the Capacity Building Programs

Training Management Information System (TIMS)  is intending to develop/ customize a comprehensive web based platform which is not only able to manage, monitor and analyze the training centers’operations but also provide the performance, scalability and reliability required for a operations scale-up of this magnitude without having to significantly invest in additional administrative manpower.

Training Management Information System (TIMS)  has been developed and customized to support training programs of any Training Organisation. The endeavor is to catalyze, facilitate and manage large scale, demand-driven skills, and training  meeting requirements of various  departments of  human resources for skilled man power.

TMIS is a multi-language web based system with Server/Client architecture. The users can access the system on their Client computer through an Internet (or a LAN) connection to the Server. The advantages to use this approach are:

  • high flexibility and modularity
  • easy maintenance and updating of content information.   

Module Characteristics

a)     Nomination

  • Create Participants for a Course by Data entry (for each participant) or bulk import (for multiple participants)
  • Edit, Delete, View Participant details.
  • View Training Calendar
  • Replace or Hold Allocated Participant

b)    Allocation

  • Replace or hold Allocated Participant

c)    Search

  • Search Participants, Course Institute, Location, Data range, etc.

d)    Management Information System

  • View Reports – Statistical data (Tabulated/ Graphical)
  • Run specific reports on Participants nomination, duration wise, venue wise, etc

e)     Admin

  • Creation of TIMS application users
  • Assigning roles, privileges to users

f)     Calendar

  • Create, view, and edit training courses which contains details of Institutes, scheduled dates, available seats, Minimum seats to be filled for conducting training, maximum seats, Course, Venue, Contact details.

g)    Mass Messaging

  • Use as a communication tool by sending e-mails to Training Instractors or Participants

General Features

A Cost effective solution to manage any Training and Capacity Building Requirement

•   Planning Courses
•   User Info Query
•   Personal Calendar and Announcement Management
•   Training Planning
•   Flight Planning
•   Training Performance Analysis
•   Statistical Analysis
•   Archiving User Performance
•   Administrative Affairs
•   Sent-Received Document Records
•   Preparing tests & questions,
•   On-line Evaluation
•   Cathegorization of Question Database
•   Test reviews
•   Preparing Statistics & Archives
•   Analysis of Test Records
•   Updates and controls