Simulation & Training 2018 awards is announced. As BİTES, we have been nominated with augmented reality product in the Innovative Product Category, 29 companies worldwide as only company from Turkey.

BİTES Nomiee

BITES was recognized as a Nominee for the 2018 Simulation & Training Awards in the category of Outstanding Innovative Product by the MS&T (Military Simulation & Training) Magazine. BITES’ nominated Product was the Augmented Reality Assisted Maintenance Training & Support System that augments Virtual Work Instructions and maintenance guidelines on physical objects and environments in an Engine Room for the training & guidance of maintenance personnel on Naval platforms.

As BITES, we are pleased to be part of choise group of companies in the simulation & training community recognized by Military Simulation & Training Magazine for our innovative technologies and solutions.

Augmented Reality Assisted Maintenance Training & Support System was developed with the vision of the Presidency of Defence Industries and the Turkish Navy in the scope of a Technology Development Program that started back in 2015.

A related News Article by Mr. Göksel Yıldırım was published in the Anadolu Agency Website today. It is in Turkish Language.

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For more on BITES’ nominated product: Augmented Reality Assisted Maintenance Training & Support System, please visit MS&T’s dedicated web page: