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Tepe Göz”, latest technology product developed for Ejder Yalçın vehicle with national capabilities and cooperation of ASELSAN, NUROL MAKİNA and BİTES, will open a new era in defense.

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Uğur COŞKUN, the founder and the CEO of our company, has been selected to sit on the SASAD (Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association) Board of Directors for the second time.
We express our thanks to our friends and SASAD members for supporting us.


PLUS HABER” higlights, BITES Defence & Aerospace Technology General Manager Mr. Uğur COŞKUN says, “BITES Defence & Aerospace Technology is now a R & D Center

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Our situational awareness project, providing 360 degree field of view and developed by FNSS and BİTES together is on TRT Haber.






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By BusinessAnkara, BİTES was chosen as “10 Ankara Companies to be followed on Linkedin”. Linkedin has become one of the fundamental features of today´s social media and is today an important channel to industry´s leading names. First of all as BİTES we would like to thank our dear followers and then thanks to “BusinessAnkara” team for crowning our success in social media.


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BİTES at Teknosektör


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BITES successfully completed the METROPROM PROJECT (Modular Enhanced Training Programme for European Maritime Security Personnel)
We successfully completed and delivered the METROPROM Project (Modular Training Program for European Maritime Security Personnel – EU Port Security Personnel Training Program) to Piri Reis University.
The project consists of designing the Piri Reis University´s original website of METROPROM EU Project and changing the training courses developed by the project team into an interactive training programs as modular courses in accordance with the form of e-learning purpose, the preparation of the infrastructure associated with it, establishing a computer based training software (e-training) that will allow its management, implementation and evaluation.
The main purpose of METROPROM Project is to transfer the already improved innovation with simulation based modules in this training and giving a safety training to security personnel which will work in Sea Ports, in this way trying to eliminate the vulnerabilities arising from complex operations due to the density of shipping traffic in ports where the 90% of world trade takes place.


BITES is world’s number one…!

As a part of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2015 events orginized in Turkey, BITES Defense & Aerospace Technologies organized a “Pink Paper Plane Challenge” event where airwomen which have been contributing in the development of aviation are memorialized abd flew pink paper planes for hopeful tomorrows by saying “LetWomenSoar!”.

With the votes we received in the competition organized by IWOAW (Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide), our video of the “Pink Paper Plane Challenge” with “Free Woman can Soar” slogan was selected as the WINNER.

First of all, we should thank Mr. Can EREL who has supported us during the process .

Of course we should thank modern women of BITES who built the pink planes and flew them to sky and thank to Gökhan ÇALKAYIŞ, Savaş ÇETİN, Levent DEMİRÇİVİ and Burçin DAĞISTAN for their efforts in recording the video and making it ready for presentation.

By “Consumer Information System (TÜBİS)” project developed for Ministry of Customs and Trade by BITES Defense and Aerospace Technologies, government is one step closer to the citizens.




The Consumer Information System (TÜBİS) is developed for Ministry of Customs and Trade by BITES Defense and Aerospace Technologies. With the system, citizens of the Republic of Turkey residing both overseas and domestic can complain about the received products and services. The system is integrated with five different government agencies and from now on around ten thousand complaints are taken into record by TÜBİS. After digitalization of the system where all the extra action required was done for reporting the consumer complaints to the government, the government is now one step closer to the citizens.


Thanks to TÜBİS, product and service complaints are now quickly and safely carried out under e-Government portal protection and all operations in this context are being organized quickly. BITES performed the automation systems required for individuals to complain about defective products, to demand their rights and for the evaluation of arbitration committee. We still continue our mission for systems to run faster and more efficiently.


BİTES was the guest on TRT Haber

BİTES, develops Computer Based Training (CBT) and Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) systems for the leading defence industry organizations in Turkey, as the leading authority and sector leader in aformentioned areas. CBT and VMT systems, as well as the Augmented Reality (AR) applications provide cost-effective solutions to the end users for maintenance, training, troubleshooting and repairs by enabling the end users to utilize computer screens rather than printed documents, actual equipment and systems. These game changing and cutting edge technologies not only reduce the costs and shorten the required process time but also increase the process efficiency.




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BITES was the guest of MSI Magazine

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BITES was the guest of HaberTürk Ankara.

For the first time since its foundation in 2001, BİTES Aerospace & Defence is named to the 2014 Top 100 Simulation & Training Companies list by Military Training Technology  (MT2) magazine.

The MT2 Top Simulation & Training Companies is a list of companies that have made significant contributions to the military training industry in the areas of simulation, serious gaming, distributed learning,  visual systems, embedded training, targets and ranges, database modeling or any other training discipline. It is an impartial panel  responsible for selecting companies based on different criteria, such as program effectiveness, innovation and total military sales volume.

Founded in 2001, BİTES Aerospace & Defence is a global software development company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organisations and is a trusted entity especially in the Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions, virtual maintenance training systems and augmented reality applications. BİTES develops high-fidelity, cost-effective technologies for tactical military training and applies game-based technologies to a range of breakthrough, military-specific training and simulation software products.

More than 17,000 readers all around the world, MT2’s focus covers simulation training systems, modeling and simulation, interactive distance learning, wireless nets, training platforms, courseware, gaming technology, and training ranges inter alia.


BITES took place in “KOKPİ” Magazine.

Augmented reality is the new breakthrough technology in aviation

Bu teknoloji havacılığa çağ atlatacak

New glasses developed by Google will be used in aviation environment with a software program developed by a Turkish company. BİTES Defence & Aerospace Technologies took the initiative to use innovative augmented reality applications in aviation training and maintenance environment.

Supported by Undersecretaries of Defense Industry (SSM), Bites is carrying out a new project which will be used in aviation maintenance. Technicians equipped with these glasses developed by Google will be able to follow complicated maintenance procedures step by step and easily understand the working principles of various systems such as engine, hydraulic, powerplant, drive, transmission inter alia. The software developed by BİTES will display all required information on a transparent display in the maintenance technicians view.

The procedures to follow for disassembly, critical control points, parts that need maintenance will be displayed on these glasses. And the requirement to carry heavy maintenance manuals will no longer be necessary, and the technicians will be able to monitor all step by step procedures to complete the required maintenance.

BİTES Defence & Aerospace Technologies General Manager Mr. Uğur Coşkun, stated that they started working by a demand from SSM and also said “By using this technology first in military then in civil aviation, we are aiming to accomplish the maintenance procedures to be done both properly and reliably”.

BİTES delivered many products in various aviation projects, and lastly completed pilot training and technician maintenance training programs for KT-1 and T-38 training aircraft. Teaching technique with three dimensional animations has an important contribution to improving the education and training quality especially in aviation environment.

BİTES is planning to extend 3D capabilities and transfer the experience and background into new areas such as MİLGEM and computer game area.

BITES Started Working For Navy

Having had a remarkable reputation in developing  Computer Based Training (CBT)  and Management Information Systems (MIS) for Turkish Air Force and Turkish Land Forces in the last 10 years, BİTES addresses itself for the development of such systems for Turkish Naval Forces too.



BITES took place in Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) Magazine.



BİTES intends to export Computer Based Training (CBT) systems to Azerbaijan.


On 25 April 2012, SaSaD meeting  was held with the attendance with the attendance of the executive board members including Uğur COŞKUN. Undersecretary Murad BAYAR and SSM senior executives honoured the meeting  with their participation.



As the sub-contractor of HAVELSAN,  BİTES entered  the defence sector in 2005 by developing Computer Based Training (CBT) software for the COUGAR helicopters within the scope of HELSİM II project. BİTES General Manager Uğur Coşkun noted that BİTES is a 100 percent Turkish company adding value to the products devloped in Turkey.




BITES, having  entered  the defence sector in 2005 as the sub-contractor of HAVELSAN in simulator development projects, develops software for Blackhawk S70-28D andSeahawk S70B helicopters, and CN235 aircraft.


Following its fast growth during the recent years, BİTES opened its new office to accomodate 70 employees working in 12 large scale projects.

Deputy Minister of National Defence Mr Hasan Kemal YARDIMCI and Undersecretary of Defence Industries Mr Murad BAYAR honoured the opening ceremony , and made supportive and inspirational speeches.




BITES gets ready for the Middle East market. During the IDEX Fair, BİTES representatives had the chance to meet UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed and presented its capabilities to him. Besides, BİTES gave  its proposal for a simulation project in Saudi Arabia.