Human Resources Policy

Human Resources

BITES, being the well-known and reputable company in scope, has a policy that is competent and tied to the corporate value creation and development of Human Resources structure. Under this circumstances of political influence, BITES Human Resources which have enterprise level of ambitions intersecting with personal ones, having respect to human principles, obeying the rules and law, having strong understanding of basic principles of working ethics and supervising considerable amount of qualified workforce is taking the lead role of increasing perfection and competence of outturn of BITES accomplishments.

BITES employees are the most valuable resource of the company. With this understanding, in order to maintain a continuously improving Human Resource management based on mutual love and respect;

  • Creation of a data base that will be utilized in the hiring process ensuring the continued existence of workforce in the company, consisting of competent candidates and keeping up the date,
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the competent, creative, innovative and motivated labor force,
  • Developing an infrastructure of Human Resources that will support the activities such as recruitment, wage-setting, performance measurement, skills and career development.
  • Ensuring the most appropriate wages and benefits according to conditions in order to be a preferred company,
  • Forming open to suggestion processes associated with Human Resources management that will improve the communication environment and creative and innovative work within the company,
  • Providing the intimate communication atmosphere between the employer and employee,
  • Supporting the  lifetime learning by creating training opportunities that will provide personal development as well as orientation, technical and planned training,
  • Human Resources contribution to creating an effective occupational health and safety in the work environment

tasks are fulfilled.