D-Bites™ Debriefing System

Debriefing and After Action Review System

D-Bites™ is a next-generation Debriefing and After Action Review software that provides a complete modular solution for all kinds of training analysis applications. D-Bites™ debriefs the following items of a recorded exercise or a recorded virtual training session:


  • Tactical Displays
  • Analog Cockpit Displays
  • Approach Patterns (Jeppesen Charts)
  • 2D Flight Plots
  • 3D Stealth View
  • Video Channels Playback
  • Audio Channels Playback
  • Multi Monitor and Multi Window Support
  • Multi Speed Playback
  • All records can be played at different speeds with all visuals in sync
  • Tactical Display
  • Displays the entities participated in the recorded exercise on a 2D map
  • Supports DIS or HLA records
  • The underlying map can be DTED, FLT or any vector height map
  • Event Viewer: All recorded events e.g. malfunctions, limit exceedings or messages
  • 3D Flight Controllers
  • Glass cockpit with MFD and other cockpit components:
  • Visualized with high resolution imagery

The system provides user-friendly graphical tools to simplify complex mission analysis tasks and procedures.The planned mission, modified flight plan, flight trajectory and recorded mark points are then displayed on the 2D-3D map and can be correlated with the video recorded during the training session.

·         Simulation Recording and Playback – All simulation data can be recorded and played back. This includes simulated friend-foe entities and interactions, trainee communications, and other events injected into the simulation. The Debriefing facilitator can pause, slow-down, or speed-up the playback, and can jump to specific moments during the exercise via a simple, easy-to-use, DVR-like control panel.

·         Annotation – The embedded annotation system enables instructors to bookmark key events during the action and then jump to those events during playback to review specific actions.

·         2D map and 3D out-the-window visualization
–      2D tactical map displays provide situational awareness.
–      3D views create immersive scenes of the simulated environment from the perspective of the trainee.