3D Model Library

Modeling Capabilities

STS provides high-end 3D content to be integrated in advanced synthetic training solutions for customers in defense, security, aerospace, research and gaming. Combining a large library of high-resolution, cross-platform models, STS has an experienced and highly skilled team to seamlessly integrate COTS and custom 3D content into any scenario for any requirement. STS provides digital representations of 3D real-world objects to be integrated in any kind of synthetic visualization application with maximum efficiency, fidelity, functionality and compatibility.


STS traditional market is Virtual Training Systems and  has applied know-how to build “Virtual Environments and Models;

  • Virtual Platform, Cockpit & System models (Visual & Mathematical)
  • Synthetic Environment models (Visual & Mathematical)
  • High-Fidelity 3D Models and Virtual Area of Interest (Visual)

Other areas of application of STS Virtual Reality (VR) technologies;

  • Using VR to accelerate aircraft design and integration
  • Integrating VR into health-care and other new markets to improve safety and efficiency
  • Using VR to train maintenance staff on complex equipment and in aircraft environment